Ana Goebel, President

Theresa Freese, Secretary/Treasurer

Theresa Freese is one of the founding members of SAMEDA, has served on the board in a various roles, and was the first newsletter editor. The newsletter started with cut-and-paste layout using an old manual typewriter, and illustrations from a few of our artistic members. The transition to computers came just in time to keep the newsletter going, and when Theresa had access to a computer lab with a scanner, graphics were fun! (Scanners were expensive at the time, and only handled grayscale.)

Anna Belly Dancer Theresa enjoyed teaching and performing, and as a formerly shy bookworm, was amazed and gratified to land good dance jobs that helped her finally receive her college degree from UCSD. She has enjoyed watching her students progress – event to playing finger cymbals while dancing. Theresa probably holds the record for taking the longest to learn to play finger cymbals – 10 years – but persistence pays off!

Theresa also delights in making or altering costumes, teaching small classes and performing (whether comedy or not).

(619) 804-1125
(619) 521-0849

Susan Teal, Membership

A belly dancer since the midseventies, Susan no longer performs except for the occasional troupe routine. She is still active in SAMEDA as the membership chair, produces shows and owns B. D. Designs, a costume company that produces one-of-a-kind costumes.